Elite Defense Systems LLC is a Las Vegas based company specializing in the modification and customization of pistols and the manufacturing of weapon components.The entire process from start to finish is done in house which allows EDS to maintain a high level of quality control and have some of the quickest turn around times in the industry.

Shot Show - During the week of Shot Show, we are taking appointments with companies interested in acquiring a dealer account and seeing Elite Defense Systems in person considering it takes place in our home town of Las Vegas! Please inquire via email at rick@elitedefensesystems.net or call us at 702-970-7214.

EDS Staff
Richard Allen Raus III
Geoff Warner
Matthew Tanner Marroquin
Brandon Scott Krowicki
Nocholas Brock Tovar
Michael William Weiss
Jonathan Kyle Eck
Chistopher Mulone
Samuel Norman Hatcher
Cody Rhodes